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digital signage player


Digital signage players are devices that connect to digital screens and display the content that you create and manage with a digital signage software. They are essential for running a digital signage system, as they provide the computing power and internet connection for your screens.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from different types of digital signage players, such as Android, Chrome OS, or Windows.

Cleverspace recommends its own Raspberry Pi player or you could also work with displays with embedded players such as LG WebOS or Samsung Tizen displays.



External Player


Based on the Raspberry Pi – the world’s most reliable, secure and affordable microcomputer. With the proven durability of over 40,000,000 units sold, multinational organizations trust Raspberry Pi Players for digital signage.

Cleverspace media players also come with tough aluminum-alloy cases with built-in passive cooling, USB-C power capabilities, extra memory, and a slick magnetic sliding door covering plug-n-play expansion slots.

Optimized for all media content, including videos, images and scrolling text. Also perfect for adding free Cleverspace Apps to your screens, including local weather forecasts, time clocks, web data dashboards, even real-time news and sports feeds.

And you can add all this to multi-zone screen layouts and playlists – with stunning 4K resolution.

digital signage player

Embedded Player


Cleverspace provides seamless integration with webOS powered screens, creating a digital signage solution without the need for any external media players. By pairing Cleverspace digital signage software with the reliable and robust LG webOS or Samsung Tizen devices you get an ideal and powerful combination.

Contact us if you need a quote for displays (with embedded players).

We also offer mounting brackets & installation services (Benelux area only)


External Player

180 per player
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Aluminium case with passive cooling
  • Power Supply 3A (15,3W) USB-C
  • Micro HDMI to HDMI cable black
  • 32 GB storage with Cleverspace OS
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