For Microsoft 365 & Google


Room booking tablets are used to optimize the use of meeting spaces and improve the efficiency and productivity of meetings. 

They have several benefits, such as:

  • Show the availability, schedule, and details of each room, so you can easily find and book a suitable room for your meeting.
  • Allow you to book or cancel meetings with a touch, which saves time and reduces confusion and frustration.
  • Sync with calendar systems, such as Microsoft365 & Google, so you can plan and manage your meetings from anywhere.
  • Provide data and insights on how the rooms are used, which can help you optimize your workspace and resources.
  • Automatic release of the meeting room when nobody shows up so others can still book it


Room booking displays are becoming more relevant than ever, as the office is increasingly seen as a meeting place. 

They can enhance the communication and collaboration among your employees and visitors. 

Room booking displays



Office 365 & Google

All meeting room bookings made in your calendar system are shown on the Room Booking Displays and ad-hoc bookings made directly on the tablet are synced with the Outlook or Google room calendar.


Advanced analytics

You can retrieve real-time and historical information that gives you insights about the most popular meeting room, who books the most rooms, how many no-shows are there, and many more.


Easy installation

The Cleverspace Room Booking Displays can be mounted easily on any surface. Depending on the type of  surface (brick, wood, glass) , either wall mounts or glass mounts are included. 


Device management

The Cleverspace Room Booking Portal gives you a user-friendly overview of all displays in your network, where they are located and whether they are online or not.


Power over Ethernet

The displays are powered by PoE+ which eliminates the need for separate power cables and makes installation easier. It also gives you more flexibility in terms of device placement.


Check-in & Check-out

The check-in and check-out function on the display ensures that rooms are not unnecessarily shown as occupied. If there is no check-in on arrival, the room will be automatically released.



Incl. 1st year subscription
990 per device
  • 10,1" Android tablet + wall mount
  • Unlimited assistance during setup
  • Hosting (AWS)
  • Unlimited analytics data
  • Helpdesk (email/chat/phone)


From year 2 on
120 per device/year
  • Hosting (AWS)
  • Automatic updates
  • Access to all features
  • Unlimited analytics data
  • Helpdesk (email/chat/phone)

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